Collins Ryàn
Architecture, Black and White, Landscape, Macro, Portrait

With more than 25 combined years of experience in fine-art, manual and digital graphics, and photography, Ryàn started his artistic route in Black and White. Firstly, in sketches and then, through the lens, the world has been a subject of dramatic lights and shadows. Along the years he gradually adopted the work in colours.

He shoots landscape, architecture, street, macro and portraits. His work is accompanied either by his own short essays, songs, or plain illuminations of his feelings in order to draw the attention to issues like Love and Hate, Peace and War, Nature Preservation, and Family Relationships – mentioning only a few. He believes that the final product must convey some deeper meanings, not merely be beautiful or appealing to the beholder.

Being a nurse and therapist in the past, and a winner against a harsh brain tumour both planted in him "a real perspective on life and art", as he says. The daily exposure to many, different people, languages and cultures both during and after finishing his Master's degree in New Zealand and a B.Sc. overseas has also contributed to his perspective.

Ryàn, habitually, deems the conventional rules of light/shadows, complementing colours, and the positioning of the subjects only as friendly suggestions, as opposed to strictly, obliging rules. He strongly believes that the beholder needs to connect and feel as if they were those who took the shot! To him, if you want to break the photography rules, you can simply do it – untie your tie and raise your collar. All is acceptable.

Having travelled to many countries and continents across the globe, he has the greatest love to his country New Zealand, and soon to start a long-haul national project in order to capture and share with the whole world the unique culture, nature, landscapes and environment that this country is so famous for.

Using models