Tiger Seo
Landscape, Long Exposure

Was born in 1966 in Kosong city (Gangwon Province, Seoul, South Korea). After graduating from Kwangwoon University Department of Electric Engineering worked in Samsung as an engineer and designer of semiconductor integrated circuits in camera zooming, focusing and shutter motor drive units. Due to the specification of his major work, got interested in photography. From 2013 started his career as landscape and nature photographer.

Photography background:

  • Established 500px Korea Facebook Group, started private photography and photo editing classes.
  • Active participation in,,
  • 2014: 500px Best Photos 2014 in Nature and Sport categories.
  • 2015: 500px Best Photos 2015 in Nature category.
  • 2016: Annual selected photo in Interphoto magazine.
  • 2016: NiSi Filter Official Ambassador.
  • 2017: Annual selected photo in Interphoto magazine.
  • 2017: f-stop Gear Staff Pro.
  • 2018: Getty Images Photographer.
  • 2018: Exclusive contract with Solent news and photo agency (London, UK).
  • 2018: Jury in 35awards-International Photography awards (
  • 2019: Leofoto Official Ambassador.
  • 2019: Tokina Official Ambassador.

Using models