Florian Legrand
Astro, Landscape, Wildlife

I discovered photography around 2011 when I met a friend passionate about train photography. At first, I started taking lots of pictures of shows and music festivals around the world, from France to Canada or South Africa. Then, I completed my master's degree in Environment with a focus on nature/human interfaces and realized that nature photography was missing from my work.

From then, I mostly captured landscapes, astrophotography and more recently started to work on wildlife images. My pictures are meant to be a transmission medium to interest the public to nature conservation and the importance of biodiversity. I have been published in several magazines and currently try to create exploration projects to show the unsuspected beauties of the world in places most people don't even knew existed.

On the other side, I create, organize and guide photo travels for the French agency Wild Seas Explorer which focuses on the sea (obviously) but also on the sustainability of the travels. The idea is to create trips that have as little impact on the planet as possible and at the same time provide information about conservation for our guests.

I also am France Coordinator for the NGO Plastic Oceans. Through programs in Education, Activism, Advocacy and Science, we work to inspire changes in consumer behavior, corporate practices and public policy, with the goals of ending plastic pollution and fostering sustainable communities worldwide. I am the photographer for the European branch of the NGO as well. Photography is for me an important part of my work in conservation. It is a powerful medium that can have a great influence on people's opinion, create emotions and positively impact the biodiversity on the planet. A picture is worth a thousand words as the adage says, and I hope some of mine can have this effect.

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