Alessandro Di Lago
Architecture, Landscape, Portrait

Born in a small town in North east of Italy in 1993, since when I was a child, thanks to my father, I start using film cameras….and now, after 20 years I’m back in using them too, along with my digital cameras.

Nowadays, I'm a passionate landscape and portrait photographer and an airplane pilot, looking for adventures and awesome moments to capture with my cameras (Sony Alpha 7II and Sony Alpha 6300).
Day by day I'm trying to improve my style and provide better and better contents.

I consider my life as a competition "me vs me" looking for the impossible perfection in everything I do.

Thanks to my passion for aeronautics, I try to combine both passions in more than the "letteral meaning" of this word.

See the World, pursuit your dreams in order to let them become targets…everything combined together to take THE picture just for yourself…this will allow you to be proud of your job…and starting from there…the other will begin to appreciate your art.

With my new set up of cameras, I started using the new awesome Tokina lenses: so great, tough and performing devices!

Follow my journey, with Tokina always in my hands!

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