Kids Photography & Pets Photography with atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE

Jun 22, 2021 by Imai Shinobu

Indoor Kids Photography

The 85mm is that must-have lens you may want to have, which acts greatly in both indoor and outdoor kids portrait photography shootings.

With the angle of view of standard lenses, unwanted objects in indoor environments are easy to get captured in the shot. Additionally, objects such as furniture and the like, are often too close to the subject, thus difficult to blur. But atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE solves all such problems.

When shooting at its f/1.8 max aperture, those parts on the background close to the subjects will be easily blurred, making this lens perfect to capture and express that “fluffiness” of newborn babies.

Indoor Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is a world-wide popular trend.

Photographers can shoot in their own studios, but are often required to go shooting at the client's home.

In such situations, if you open the aperture too much, the styling and the like will be difficult to capture and express properly, and I am also particular about making sure that the F value I use won't blur the parts of the baby's little hands and feet I want to show.

The photo of two twin babies was taken at f/4, and the photo with their legs up was taken at f/2.8. The distance to the floor is approximately 30cm, but there is still a proper shading-off effect.

Location shooting

Playing in the park with kids full of energy

With telephoto lenses you have to shoot at a certain distance from children, and such things are always heavy to carry, while a light and easy to handle atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE is the best choice for a walk in the neighborhood. Color expression is extremely clear and beautiful, and I particularly like how greens are expressed.

Moreover, the kid stays firmly in focus even on unpredictable movements that makes you fully trust this lens. That round bokeh, which everyone seems to long for, is also neatly circular and easy to get.

Location shooting during a walk

With atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE you can also take and leave a striking memory of that time when you went out for a walk with your children.

Medium telephoto lenses are easy to use in crowded places, such as tourist spots. It also responds to the demanding requests of don't get too far from the subject, narrow the angle of view so that people won't get in the shot, and use the blurring effect more effectively.

Even when there is a building in the frame, this lens showed me its best performance, with very little distortion and a blurred effect much more beautiful that I had imagined.

Even those quick shots of small objects and landscapes ended up in an exciting result.

Pet Photography

In my private life, I always take photos of my beloved dog.

Keeping each single fur hair in focus is a meticulous work. However, once again I am very happy with the results achieved with this lens: even when shooting from a distance, even in the soft blurring effect at full aperture, the subject is clearly and sharply captured.

And even when you frame the whole subject in from a close distance, one more time you can rely on this lens for a beautiful blurring effect.

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