Program License Agreement

Any program (including but not limited to firmware and computer programs) that can be downloaded from this web page, hereinafter referred to as "this program", is intended to be used for the above-mentioned products (hereinafter referred to as "product") owned by the customer.

Using this program is subject to acceptance of the following program license agreement. Upon clicking on the "Download" button after checking the "I agree" check-box, it is considered that the user has agreed to this program license agreement, and it is assumed that a license agreement regarding this program has been concluded between Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kenko Tokina") and the customer.

Program License Agreement

The use of this program is allowed in compliance with the following agreement.

1. Usage license
Kenko Tokina, or Kenko Tokina's licensers, own all rights necessary for the copyright of this program and the license to the customer. Kenko Tokina grants you the right to use the following contents of this program. This program is licensed but not marketable.

1) The customer has the right to copy this program to one computer and one recording medium owned by the customer in order to install this program on the target product owned by the customer.
2) The customer has the right to use this program for the target product by installing this program according to the procedure described on the web page.
3) The customer has the right to make a copy of the program in a computer-readable device for backup purposes.

2. License period
This program license agreement takes effect when the customer checks on the "I agree" check-box and then clicks on the "Download" button. The customer may continue to use this program until the license agreement for this program expires. This Program License Agreement shall automatically expire if the client violates any of the matters described in this Program License Agreement. If the license agreement for this program expires, the customer must immediately dispose of this program and all copies thereof.

3. Forbiddings
The customers, under any circumstances, shall not perform the following:
1) Reproduction of all or a part of this program, regardless of the medium, beyond the scope permitted by this program license agreement.
2) Alteration, modification, reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling of this program.
3) Selling, distributing or sublicensing this program, or uploading this program on the internet.
4) Exporting this program and related items directly or indirectly.
5) In addition, any action other than those permitted by this program license agreement.

4. Copyright and other intellectual property rights
This program is protected by the copyright law of Japan, the copyright law of other countries, and the provisions of international treaties. Customers must not remove any copyright notices, trademarks or other protective notices contained in this program.

5. Kenko Tokina Support
Kenko Tokina shall notify customers if the target product does not operate normally due to a defect in this program (excluding those that Kenko Tokina has determined to be minor bugs not interfering during the use). Kenko Tokina shall provide its own support in accordance with the provisions of the "Domestic Warranty" included with the target product.

6. Disclaimer
Kenko Tokina is not responsible for any damages or other problems that may occur to the customer or any third party in connection with the customer's use of this program. Kenko Tokina reserves the right to change the contents of this program at any time.

7. Others
This program license agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The court having jurisdiction over all disputes regarding this program license agreement shall be the Tokyo District Court.