About compatibility of Tokina interchangeable lenses with Canon EOS R (R5/R6) and Canon EOS RP mirrorless cameras (updated)

Feb 18, 2020

Thank you for using Tokina lenses.

We have thoroughly tested all current Tokina interchangeable lenses (Canon EF mount) with the Canon EOS R (R5/R6)/Canon EOS RP mirrorless cameras and the Canon EF-EOS R mount adapter.

The results confirm that the current Tokina lens models showed no issues in general operation.

Currently, Tokina lenses are manufactured to show the best performance with the cameras updated with the latest firmware. There might be issues caused by the old firmware of the camera. If there are issues with the lens performance even if the camera firmware is updated to the latest one, please contact our official Distributors to require diagnostics service.

Furthermore, when using Tokina APS-C format lenses (Tokina DX lenses), in case the Cropping/Aspect ratio is set otherwise, it is necessary to reset it on "1.6x (Crop)" manually. When shooting with a different Cropping/Aspect ratio setting, vignetting is likely to occur.

For any questions about compatibility of Tokina interchangeable lenses with Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras, please contact us via contact form.


As a part of Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd., Tokina has an optical manufacturing tradition that dates back to 1950s. Tokina specializes in high-quality lenses for today's digital single lens reflex (DSLR) and mirrorless cameras.

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