Michelle Lake
Landscape, Long Exposure

I am a photographic artist based in Adelaide.

Passionate about photography, my first camera was a film SLR given to me at the age of 16. Since then, my love of photography has grown stronger. However now, I work with digital rather than film. In 2017 I moved back from Sydney, where I had completed my Diploma in Photo Imaging and forged a relationship with Contact Sheet Gallery, to represent and showcase my work.

In my photographic life so far, I have been fortunate enough to have spent time travelling and volunteering in the Australian outback. It was in these pivotal moments, that I realized a finer appreciation of my own connection with nature and the land; and, the understanding that there is peace in the stillness of being and those infinitesimal nuances that exist in nature. My inspiration comes from the natural world and my photos strive to emulate and share the beauty in those moments.

Using models