Chris Querobines
Architecture, Landscape

Chris Querobines is a self-taught photographer and Google Trusted Streetview Pro based in the Philippines. He helps small businesses to have web presence and exposure through photography. Architectural and 360° imagery are his main focus, it is where he discovered Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fisheye lens. He fell in love with the amazing image quality and craftsmanship.

From there on, he became a Tokina purist. Owning Tokina AT-X 14-20 F2 PRO DX which he primarily use for long exposure, travel and documentary. As well Tokina AT-X 24-70 F2.8 PRO FX which is his favorite glass for events, portrait and product photography. 

He is now doing HDR and long exposure photography with his favorite filter Hoya PROND series.

Favorite Lens: Tokina AT-X 14-20 F2 PRO DX

Years in the Industry: 8

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