Anton Petrus
Astro, Landscape, Long Exposure

For most people photography starts from childhood. With me, it was a different story because my first camera, received as a gift from my father, broke a few days after receiving it.

I came up with an idea that camera is actually a great tool when I was a student. I lived in a small and cosy town near the Dnepr river. The conditions for shooting landscapes were more than perfect - gorgeous forests, sandy shores, wide rivers covered with fog. At some point I understood that I could not resist the idea to share this beauty with others any more. The only thing to do was to get a camera. But considering the situation that time this was not so easy. I used every chance to save money. Thanks to my parents, my dream came true and I got my first compact camera.

My knowledge of photography was not enough to take the pictures I wanted to take so I read a lot of foreign literature and English magazines. I shopped at second-hand book stores and kiosks in Kiev city. I loved reading essays and articles about English photographers and consider their work as classic landscape photography.

Time passed, I went through some more cameras, broke some tripods, experienced failures and success. Now I use 2 cameras and 5 lenses, 3 of them are Tokina. Tokina lenses showed toughness and great performance in the most extreme conditions I had experienced - from freezing nights in polar areas to sand storms in Gobi desert.

Using models