Amhed Betancourt
Architecture, Landscape, Macro, Wildlife

I don't think there is a better method than photography to capture unforgettable moments that are only lived once. But also, for me it works as if they were an active meditation, where the result is appreciated, but the process and the path to reach the image that is finally what is observed; it is what is really worth, it fills you inside and what gives me the most joy.

From a very early age I had two things that influenced my future- biology and architecture. These influences have now become my sources of inspiration for my photographic project. I am passionate about photographing natural landscapes, wildlife and macro photography, but being in the city I get caught up in the architectural details, old buildings and urban landscapes.

I am a user of DSLR cameras with an APS-C sensor and looking for the best option on the market for wide-angle lenses, I placed my trust in the Tokina brand. Currently Tokina atx-i 11-16mm F2.8 CF lens is my faithful companion. It has become essential for me; its optical and aesthetic quality is impressive.

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