Wide Angle Lens

AT-X PRO Series

Mounts: Canon EOS, Minolta AF, Nikon-D

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An angle of view wider than human eyesight! From the moment you look through your viewfinder, this outstanding AT-X optic will give you a dramatic new perspective on the world.

This ultra wide-angle lens utilizes premium-quality HLD (High refraction Low Dispersion) glass elements created by Hoya Corporation exclusively for Tokina, as well as an all-glass molded aspherical lens element that creates a more compact optical design and provides even illumination across the whole film plane. The floating element system maintains high resolution and contrast from infinity to its minimum focusing distance of 10 inches (0.25 meters). This lens works perfectly with digital SLR or film camera bodies.

The AT-X 17 AF PRO Features our exclusive Focus Clutch Mechanism for faster, smoother auto focus (AF). And, smoother, more precise manual focus action than is normally found in today’s AF lenses. Its barrels are all aluminum with a chrome plated brass mount plate. The 77 mm filter thread is the same size as four other AT-X PRO series lenses, making it possible to cover from 17 mm to 200 mm with just one size of filters.